Radix Domain Names


Domain Names

Multifunctional Naming System for an Open and Free Internet

.rdx .radix .wlt .w .pay .donate .v .up .yolo .stream .foton .oci ... or propose new ones

Your name with Superpowers

Receive Funds

Replace any Radix DLT wallet account address with a human readable one that can be memorised and shared easily. Replace rdxg4cjhb...sc4ghkj8b
with myname.rdx

Across Applications

Each Domain name can be used across various Applications either as username, webpage address, login access, and much more. All integrations are found here.

Censorship Resistant

Due to its decentralized nature via a smart contract on the Radix DLT no one can interfere with your domain name.

Free & Premium Annual Renewals

For keeping the reservation process dynamic and to avoid squatting domain names, the reservations are renewed on an annual basis. This way is avoided the loss of domain names forever or the locking to inactive wallets. Reservation fees are based on the number of characters (more in Guide).

Easy Management Portal

Manage permissions to various applications via a Management Portal available with the launch of the Radix Babylon on mainnet. Once minted as native assets on the ledger, the domain names can be transferred or traded.

Dev incentives

To foster adoption and interoperability with as many applications as possible, part of the selling fees are distributed to a pot for grants and shared revenue for app developers.

Decentralized Governance

For a true decentralized system the goal is to hand over the governance to the ones using, maintaining and building the system along several planned phases.

Flexible structure

The Naming System allows for the usage of both Domain Names, SubDomains, and Top Level Domains as:myname.rdx or savings.myname.rdx

Have a big Community or Brand?

Propose, Bid & Own a custom Extension

Custom extensions also called Top Level Domains (ex: .mybrand) can be proposed by anyone and are virtually infinite since they are formed by the combination of characters after the dot. Those are handy specially for brands that want to expand their marketing presence or for big communities that have members sharing a common goal.

Find out more about how the extensions work and how to get them via the Guide Book page and Propose already one before the launch of Radix Babylon in Q3 of 2023.